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C&C Site Development Engineering Support

Engineering Support Services


C&C Site Development has built a solid reputation as an industry leader in providing a full range of Engineering Support Services for Industrial and Commercial markets.


We know the difficulties involved in providing engineers, inspectors, consultants, and contractors with the up close, hands on access to a project and are well equipped to accommodate those challenges within deadline and budget constraints.


With a comprehensive array of inspection equipment and services, we are able to supply everything you need to bring your project within reach at a price within your budget, regardless of how complex the requirements may be.


Whether it is the startup, construction or close out phase of the project, C&C Site Development of Florida can provide engineering representation and services during the life cycle of a project. Service includes but not limited to:

C&C Site Development Engineering Support 

  • Inspection Services


  • Shop Drawing Review

 C&C Site Development

  • Testing Inspection


  • Plan Review


  • Value Engineering Review

 C&C Site Development

  • Progress Meetings / Minutes


  • Monetized Punch List

 C&C Site Development

  • Process Equipment Startup & Coordination



Our Engineering Support Services can be broken down into five segments, which are outlined below:


  • Civil Engineering

 C&C Site Development

  • Structural Engineering


  • Mechanical Engineering

C&C Site Development  

  • Electrical Engineering


  • Systems Integration



&C Site Development of Central Florida

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  • We offer experience and leadership through consulting services for all phases of construction enhancing efficiency and ultimately profitability.
  • Our responsible bidding practices along with our efficient and professional administrative services are proven to get projects launched and completed successfully with continued support.
  • Our systems and philosophies are on the leading edge of the industry standards and the goals we set using proven tactics enhance projects and their profitability.

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C&C Site Development of Central Florida